Summer 2018. A VR research initiative, developed by 8 student researchers for the HTC Vive. Project funded by Verizon and sponsored by the Entertainment Technology Center.

Editing by Jacqui Fashimpaur.

VR Home explores the extensions of the home into location-based VR, as single user experiences. We built and iterated on 4 room prototypes and held playtesting sessions to inform our decisions.

My Roles. Research/Design: I worked to determine the design and research goals for the prototypes and ran playtesting sessions. Art Direction: I defined architecture and provided art direction for the project overall, including creating concept art and 3D assets. Interaction Design: I worked on the narrative content in the Greenhouse prototype.

Project under the auspices of Jessica Hammer, Tom Corbett and Lauren Herckis. Collaborators: Jessica Cao, Jacqui Fashimpaur, Anna Henson, Kai Kuehner, Rachel Rodgers, Jeena Yin, Sabrina Zhai.

MEDITATION — a study on comfort


COLLECTION — a study on personalization and curation


HEARTH — a study on continuity and co-presence