Summer 2018. A VR research initiative, developed by 8 student researchers for the HTC Vive. Project funded by Verizon and sponsored by the Entertainment Technology Center.

VR Home explores the extensions of the home into location-based VR, as single user experiences. We built and iterated on 4 room prototypes and held playtesting sessions to inform our decisions.

My Roles. Research/Design: I worked to determine the design and research goals for the prototypes and ran playtesting sessions. Art Direction: I defined architecture and provided art direction for the project overall, including creating concept art and 3D assets. Interaction Design: I worked on the narrative content in the Greenhouse prototype.

Project under the auspices of Jessica Hammer, Tom Corbett and Lauren Herckis. Collaborators: Jessica Cao, Jacqui Fashimpaur, Anna Henson, Kai Kuehner, Rachel Rodgers, Jeena Yin, Sabrina Zhai.

VR Home Promotional Video by Jacqui Fashimpaur

MEDITATION — a study on comfort


COLLECTION — a study on personalization and curation


HEARTH — a study on continuity and co-presence