Fall 2018. Magnetic Fridge Texting Game. Developed by Team Hypnos. Project sponsored by Philips Healthcare.

Goodnight aims to improve the wind-down ritual of night/swing shift workers and strengthen meaningful communication with their family members to give them the opportunity to go to sleep more at ease.

My Roles. I worked on defining the Game Design and Graphic Design for the project.

Team Hypnos: Elva Fu, Adela Kapuscinska, Kirabo Lynn, Arnav Mahajan




Our group strove to improve the sleeping conditions of night/swing shift workers. Understanding that many of our interviewees have established schedules and routines with sleep, we conducted user research to identify the areas for change that our game could address. We found the recurring theme: workers felt regret and often sacrificed their sleep recovery phases to spend time with family. Through research and iterative design, we landed on the perfect combination of elements for our “sleepy game”, Goodnight.


To improve the wind-down ritual. To establish a sense of coziness and relaxation through this end-of-day activity. 🏠

To enable continuous and meaningful conversation between worker and family. A means of communication that is intriguing and playful to facilitate further interaction between family members that don’t spend much time together. 💌

To allow workers to process their days. To facilitate reflection and to clear their minds before bed. 🌀

Desired End State:

For workers to go to sleep more at ease, and be frequently communicative with close ones. 🛏️


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2+ Family Members. Indefinite playtime. Parallel play. Any age. Play area: Kitchen, or any other familial space.

Game Materials Color-coded speech and response bubbles, customized velcro-emojis and word magnets. With the flexibility of the materials, the game can be adapted to family needs and explode outside of the kitchen!

Game Rules The game is played asynchronously, to support the differing rhythms of the night/swing shift worker and their family. When a family member comes home from work, he/she will use the magnets and pieces provided to tell a story about their day, or to leave a message (respond) on the fridge before they head to sleep. Their family will respond and tell their own stories during their awake hours.