BizWorks combines business simulation of a bakery, a robust character support system and mini-games to teach financial concepts to 8-10th graders.

TYPE: Business simulation for iOS/Android

TIME: 3-5 minute interactions

PLAYER: 1 Player

ROLE: Game Designer, Lead 2D/UI Artist, Supporting Writer

DURATION: 4 months | Spring 2018

ADVISOR: Tom Corbett

TEAM: Kimberly Anne Huang, Adela Kapuścińska, MinSun Park, Toya Rosuello

CLIENT: YouthEntity


Writing and Editing by Kimberly Anne Huang


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Our team was compelled to create a game prototype that would teach financial literacy to 8th-10th graders: to inspire learning specific to chosen career paths, explore budgeting and consequences of financial decisions. 




We identified 3 main design components that would be key in introducing financial concepts, supporting material retention and be engaging to play! These are: Customization, Exploration, Progress.

1. Business Simulation

The player manages resources for their business by buying stock, assigning work, dividing earnings and deciding on short and long term financial goals. Their ultimate goal is to pay off the loan they took out at the start. Players have all of the tools to make their business thrive, and it matters that they run it well!

2. Role-playing Element

The player can interact with their employees: to progress their story lines and advise them when needed. We found that building narrative investment and a sense of community incentivizes the player to learn and offer sound financial advice. Apart from that, it adds to the replay value!

3. Mini-Games

Fast-paced mini-games speed up the shifts and break up the pace of the game. As proof of concept we implemented a Match-3 game, where the player gets hands-on experience in creating the baked goods that they're selling that day.


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Creative Tools: Adobe Suite (Ps, Id)


In pursuit of a bohemian bakery fantasy...

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